Monday, January 19, 2009

Merry Christmas - 2008

Another year in four paragraphs!

The year started off with a great trip to Isla Mujeres to celebrate the wedding of my niece.  As a a result, I have fallen in love with Mojitos.  Bought me a muddler (also handy at Derby Time), grow mint, and already had fresh limes growing in the backyard for homemade Margaritas.

Besides the Mexico trip, the husband traveled to Iceland and Belgium, and actually, Mexico again.  Mostly he attends board meetings and conferences, sharing information on foreign students and how to analyze their credentials for studying at US universities.

The daughter and her husband moved to NYC, specifically, Brooklyn, in stages.  The daughter left to find a job on Madison Avenue in July, approximately one week before the stock market crashed.  You can imagine what that did for advertising budgets!  The son-in-law journeyed north the weekend that UT BEAT OU:  Remember 45>35.

The son continues his work for the US Congressman.  I complain that he gets to read newspapers and go to parties and parades for a living.

Blessings on all who read this, and may you have good  health, luck, and prosperity in 2009.

It's interesting what we remember in December.

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