Monday, May 24, 2010

Imagine-Thanks, John

Imagine a Christian movement grounded in freedom. No rules, no glare-enforced norms, no signs, no barriers, no shouted instructions, no enforcers pouncing on non-conformists, no doctrines declaring official definitions. 
Imagine people worshiping when they wanted and in a manner that fit their unique yearnings. Imagine people making giving choices based on gratitude, not charts, slogans and budgets. Imagine people holding wildly different views of God. Imagine one person sitting quietly in a pew and another saying prayers on a rock beside a lake. 
Imagine people left free to sort themselves out, to make room, to respect other people's freedom. Would they do so without officials giving instruction? Yes, I think they would. Left in freedom, I think people are civil, respectful and quite eager and able to worship God. 

From Morning Walk Media:

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