Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speed Reading

Today I read a book in an hour while I walked on a treadmill.

It brought back memories of reading "orange" biographies during "big church" when I was young. The librarian at my church in Corpus Christi introduced me to the orange biographies (the Bobbs-Merrill childhood biographies of Famous Americans).

I would check the book out right before worship and was able to complete the book and turn it in after the last hymn. My Dad and I (Mom was in the choir) would sit in the back corner of pews underneath the side balconies.

My favorite was Dolly Madison. I learned that she saved the flag in DC when the Brits were on the march, and she lost her pretty jewelry that her non-Quaker grandmother had given her. Oh, and how to dip candles.

Since I will always believe in magic, I learned today to quit leaving my dreams in a file cabinet in the garage.

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