Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ode to Roberto

One of Robert's friends wrote this about his accident:

There once was a man named Robert
who claimed that he couldn't be hobbert,
but in the Tea House search
he was left in a lurch.
Enter the Whiskey birds
to finish off his vomit
I mean, they were as quick as a comet.
Kidney beans, smidney beans,
they licked the snow clean.
Little did they know
that he lie in the snow.
But for only a while
because Canadian choppers are on speed-dial.
And doncha know the Mounties lifted his ass
over pine trees, canyons and a pass.
He accused the ER thugs
of offering him drugs.
What a joke
to be deprived of JD and Coke.
He would never miss
(per chance to reminisce)
Happy Hour
back at the Tower.
Surpassing Sergeant Gough's
famous jump from aloft
and Gloria's outstanding
arrested landing.
Give me a break
(no pun intended)
but he was to awake
in Austin, soon to be amended.
The surgery went just fine
and the guy is is already on-line
And believe it or not,
his advice was right on the spot.
Credentials R Us.
Let's make no fuss.
Come hell or high water,
his sage advice will never falter.

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