Saturday, July 19, 2008

Leaving the group

I did it! I left the Adult 5 Yahoo group.

If you're a former Southern Baptist, you'll know that historically, Baptists have gathered their adult members into departments, roughly by age. This is the group that is closest to my age although I'm probably somewhere between Adult 4 and Adult 5--the lower the number, the older the group.

Leaving this group frees me from many emails and from many years of friendliness but no friendship. So what in the world took me so long?

This is my first step in freeing myself from something. Don't know quite what. The conundrum: do my belief in God and my church attendance have anything to do with each other?

1 comment:

cejordan said...

i imagine the question was rhetorical but i'll post my own personal answer: NO

although Christian fellowship of some kind would probably do me some good!