Thursday, July 31, 2008

What are we selling?

Sometimes I think we're just trying to get people in the door at my church, so we offer for sale anything that might coax someone into visiting:  authentic community, experiential worship, a people's cathedral..., traditional worship.
We sell worship.  Most often our ads try to distinguish our worship from some other church's worship.  Do we sell community?  There are many groups that sell community based on a common interest.  Do we sell discipleship and spiritual growth? 
I think I am taken with Milkshake Media because their tagline, we build brands that build community, is what I want our brand to be, a brand that builds community.
I stole this from Idea City's website:
"What difference do you really want to make in the world? What’s your fundamental purpose? We believe that great brands are the product of great organizations that truly make a difference in the lives of the people they are trying to serve. If an organization is just a commodity, me-too kind of company looking to do nothing but improve the bottom line, chances are they won’t ever be a great brand (or a great partner for us). We want to work with people as passionate and purposeful about making a difference as we are."

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