Thursday, September 25, 2008

My comics partner

My friend, Barbara, told me that she and her dad were eating partners.  Apparently, that's a term used around the weight loss industry to talk about family eating dynamics.

My dad was my comic strip reading partner.  After he died, reading the strips just wasn't fun any more, so I've quit.

Monday I realized I hadn't read any of the blogs captured in my Google Reader for two weeks.  Made myself catch up because there are many interesting people out there.  I especially enjoy reading food blogs from around the world.  Makes me feel like I have an old-fashioned pen pal.

 There's one woman in Oregon that is as "red" as they come.  I want to like what she writes, but, my my,  her diatribes against anything "blue" tire me out.  She'll never change my mind, and I'd never change hers.  I do think I'd enjoy having coffee or working in the garden with her.

Need to make sure that I keep the reading of those blogs fun!  Check out The New Birth Order Book:  those of us that are babies are all about having fun.

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